Lorenzo Antonioni
Bulbo Light

The Quadra is conceptualized to fit all spaces and surfaces. Its flexible structure allows for height extension following the plant’s development stages while maintaining a constant distance between light and leaves. Thanks to the multiple locking positions, the Quadra easily finds its ideal spot in any area of the kitchen.
Thanks to its high technology, developed through many years of research on plants-light interaction, the Quadra reproduces the ideal spectrum to stimulate the photosynthesis process indoors. It emits a coloured light which is the combination of several selected light frequencies enabling to cover the entire life cycle (from germination to flowering) of any medium-sized vegetables, kitchen herbs, flowers and succulents.
Available in two sizes, it fits a variety of kitchen layouts, and operates both vertically and horizontally.
We use the best quality LED (CREE) in order to have small-sized lamps, highly energy-saving and really efficient, which can reach important farming results even at home. Our scientific experimentation is carried on in collaboration with the Department of Agricultural Sciences at Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna.

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